Mindjacket Monday! 9/20/21 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Attrition - Iae (In The Nursery Remix)
Luxt - Technochrist
Cyber-Tec Project - Human
Fatigue - Pageantry (Slighter Remix)
The New Division - Broken (MATTE BLVCK Remix)
Ugress - Bad Dreams Come True
SET f. Lunarfluxx - Nobody Belongs (Shhadows Remix)
Author & Punisher - Melee (Glitch Mode Remix by Cyanotic)
Nevada Hardware - DMCF
The Glitch Mob - Go Light
Mlada Fronta - From Hell
Perturbator - Future Club
Project Pitchfork - Celeste
Velvet Acid Christ - Black Rainbows
Trade Secrets - Haze of Hearts
Solitary Heart - Sequence
PIG - Prey & Obey (Deviant Diskow Remix by MC Lord Of The Flies)
Dread Risks - Trauma Ties (MORIS BLAK Remix)
Dread Risks - Voidhost (GRIEFGIVER Restless Parasite Remix)
Marching Dynamics vs. Lipps, Inc - Funkytown (White Devil Mix)
Tronik Youth and Tunnel Signs - Bearthrills
Kevorkian Death Cycle - It's A Sin
DKAY.COM - Neverland (In Strict Confidence Remix)
Excision - The Underground (Elite Force Remix) f. Downlink
SPANKTHENUN - Right Father
Severed Heads - Petrol
Elohim - Not Just Your Mama

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