Mindjacket Monday! 9/13/21 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Count To Infinity - Twirl
BarbWalters - FLIPSIDE (f. Childhood)
Deep Purple - Hush (PulpFusion Remix)
GoFight - Everybody Loves You
SIERRA - Unpredictable
Elohim - Journey To The Center Of Myself
Information Society - Baby Just Wants
George Michael - Father Figure (Final DJs Remix)
Battle Tapes - No Good
klack - Rhythm Of The System (Nevada Hardware Remix)
Skold Vs. KMFDM - Bloodsports
Dead When I Found Her - Second Sight
Revolting Cocks - Drums Along The Carbide
Nero - Fugue State
GosT - Reign In Hell (Dance With The Dead Remix)
Justice vs. Simian - Never Be Alone
Mildreda - Blame It On The Moon
Haloblack f. PIG - Punch The Deck (Dirty) (2021 Remaster)
Ugress - VHS
Replicant - A Taste Of Midnight
Numb - When Gravity Fails
Covenant - Ignorance & Bliss
A Brilliant Massacre - Iron Sky
Snoop Dogg - Sexual Seduction (Skrillex Remix)
Excision - Sexism (Far Too Loud Remix) f. Skism
Freakangel - Death Walks With Us (Sirus Mix)
MORIS BLAK - Youthwave
KMFDM - Dirty
FM Audio - Killer (Original Mix)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Twilight Web

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