Mindjacket Monday! 3/1/21 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Heavy Water Factory - Delusions (Of Grandure Mix)
Gamma Intel - The View From Here
Dance With The Dead - Out Of Body
Hooverphonic - Shake The Disease
Type O Negative - Set Me On Fire
Project Pitchfork - Celeste
The Glitch Mob - Take Me With You (f. Arama)
En Esch - Do Me (LeaetherStrip Remix)
Diorama - Off
White Zombie - Thunder Kiss 65 (Swingin' Lovers Mix by KMFDM)
Skinny Puppy - Tormentor
MARRS - Pump Up The Volume
PIG - Contempt
Cirrus - Ghettoblaster
Kill Switch... Klick - Kontorted (Spahn Ranch Remix)
Stonith - Mort Vivant
Chemlab - Scornocopia (Scorpio Mix by Die Warzau)
Modulate - Dirty Fckn Disco
Pneumatic Detach (f. Terretron) - Disco Inferno
Hazing Ritual - Make Me Feel (Beaten To Hell Mix)
Nine Inch Nails - Sin (Short)
Blac Kolor - Hundred Drums
FRACTIONS - Scars Of Love
Grendel - Fire & Light
Information Society - Running (Victor Calderone Remix)
Empirion - Ayahausca
Fluke - Groovy Feeling (Make Mine a 99)

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