Mindjacket Monday! 1/4/21 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Nebular Spool - A Plankton Affair
Future Sound of London - Central Industrial
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Blue Buddha
Covenant - Afterhours
PIG - Painiac (Nothing Touches Me)
Terminal Sect - Sex, Dying, & Zero Gravity
IIOIOIOII - Face The Night
Miracle - The Parsifal Gate
Vampire Rodents - Low Orbit (f. Jared of Chemlab)
CULTTASTIC - Ugly Is Beautiful
Collide - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum
FEE LION - Heaven
Crocodile Shop - Temple of Lies
Executioner's Mask - The Defilers (Contracult Remix)
NIGHT TERRORS - Lexicon of Sex (Brutalized)
Velvet Acid Christ - Sex Disease (2016 Version)
REIN - Off The Grid
Null Device - Run
Lucky Talisman - Venus
KMFDM - Naive
ADULT. - Controlled By
CHROME CORPSE - Bodily Dictatorship (UNCX Remix)
MOAAN EXIS - Alone Together
3TEETH - Pearls 2 Swine (Mr. Skeleton Remix)
God Module - Phenomenon (Amnestic Remix)
Kevorkian Death Cycle - I Am God
Slighter - Wirehead (royb0t Remix)
Front Line Assembly - Eye on You (Terence Fixmer Remix)
Heavy Water Factory - Place Of Torment
The New Division - One Night In Tokyo
The Black Queen - Thrown Into The Dark

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