Mindjacket Monday! 12/07 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Lucky Talisman - U S E (X) M E
Sierrα - Gone (NEUS Remix)
Executioner's Mask - In The Night (Skeleton Hands Remix)
Minuit Machine - Danger
Kontravoid - Cost of Life (Physical Wash Remix)
Laibach - Achtung!
Excessive Force - Blitzkrieg (Sturzkampf)
DOLLS OF PAIN - Forgive You
FGFC820 - The Hanging Garden
iVardensphere - Of Ancient Reprise (Rad Bromance Mix by Ad-Ver-Sary)
Deviant UK - Access Denied (Rotersand Mix)
Children Within - Collective Minds (Party Mix by Covenant)
Individual Industry - Amy (Sci-Fi Moritz Mix)
Schwefelgelb - Durch Die Haare Die Stirn (Accuracy Remix)
Biomechanimal - The Stars Are Wrong (Melodicore Remix)
Amelia Arsenic - Deathless
11grams - Ice Man (Sebastian Komor Remix)
Numb - Complicit Silence
Rabbit Junk - IDONTGIVEAFUCK (Drenchrome Blade Mix)
SQUID LID - Breaking Rawk
Punke - Parilla
Leeroy Thornhill - Sin City Slam (Empirion Remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Soultaker
Iris - You're The Answer
Duncan Sheik - On A High (Gabriel & Dresden's Love from Humboldt Mix)

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