Mindjacket Monday! 10/14 DJ Industrial Live Stream

White Magik - Total Ego Loss (Not So White Honestly Mix)
Gamma Intel - Without Reason
2Pac - Fuck All Y'all (I AM DRUGS Remix)
Knife Party - Boss Mode
Rabbit Junk - Dune Theme Remix
Ministry - The Land Of Rape & Honey
Rotersand - Hot Ashes
Stromkern - Stand Up
The Black Queen - Ice To Never
Kris Baha - Behave
Chrome Corpse - Detecting Movement (Extended Dancefloor Mix)
Front 242 - Neurobashing
Glass Apple Bonzai - Machines
A Brilliant Massacre - New Pretender
Damascus Knives - Would You Feel Safer If You Carried A Gun?
11Grams - Humanicide
Acucrack - Violence
Die Krupps - Trigger Warning
MOAAN EXIS - Imminent
KREIGN - Disco King
Modulate - Robots (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
Mlada Fronta - Faceless Man
Kontravoid - So It Seems (Version 2)
Savage Grounds - Vestito Di Nero
Blac Kolor - Hundred Drums
Velvet Acid Christ - The Hand (Violent Trance Mix)
The New Division - Lost Life