Mindjacket Monday! 7/27 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Severed Heads - We Have Come To Bless This House
WINGTIPS - Deaf Pursuit
Army Of The Universe - Mother Ignorance
Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
Julian Beeston - The Angel (Shining Mix)
CONFORMCO - Eighty-Sixed
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Destroyer of Worlds
Dead Chains - It'll Be A Fight
HEXADIODE - Sychrocidal (Protectorate Remix)
Chrome Corpse x Dead Chains x Night Terrors - Everything Must Move (Vrain Heavy Heart Mix)
Maenad Veyl - Change Your Mind
Strobo.Lolita - Der Teufel
Randolph & Mortimer - Fantasy Land
Caustic - Hiroshima Burn
3TEETH - Pearls 2 Swine (Mr. Skeleton Remix)
Das Ich - Dem Ich Den Traum (L'ame Immortelle Remix)
GosT - Without A Trace (f. Hayley Stewart)
Ashbury Heights - Recorded for M.G. Lewis
GHOST DATA - The Black Widow
Crystal Geometry - Totale Alienation
Evil Nine - They Live
Spahn Ranch - The Judas Cradle
Messiah - There Is No Law
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Twilight Web
Delerium - Silence
Soul II Soul - Back To Life
Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)