Mindjacket Monday! 7/13 DJ Industrial Live Stream

Tryophex 14 - Void
Rammstein - Stripped (Heavy Mental Mix by Charlie Clouser)
Girls Under Glass - Changes
LEGEND - Fearless
God Lives Underwater - From Your Mouth (Chris Vrenna Remix)
Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone
Heavy Water Factory - Between Us
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - My Kinda Guy
Rob D - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)
Blak Kolor - Cold (RAWconstruction by Liebknecht)
Gamma Intel - The View From Here
High-Functioning Flesh - Stationed
Polyfuse - Falling Failing Flying Dying
Contagion - Ingest
Acumen Nation - Eville
Killing Joke - Whiteout
iVardensphere - Ancients (BlakOPZ Remix)
Fluke - Zion
Conjure One - Center Of The Sun (Junkie XL RemiX)
Covenant - One World One Sky
VNV Nation - Honour*
Front 242 - Work 242 (N. Off is N. Off)*
Empirion - Ayahausca
KMFDM - Light (Lighthouse Dub by Vince Lawrence)
Claire Voyant - Bittersweet (Love Spirals Downward Remix)
FC Kahuna - Hayling