Mindjacket da 5'11" DJ Industrial Live stream!

Amelia Arsenic - Live Fast Die Old (Robohop Mix)
DEATHFACE - Call to the Grave (f. KANGA)
Venus in Aries - Beyond The Veil of the Flesh (CronenBorg)
CHANT - Create to Destroy (Jim Marcus Remix)
Portion Control - Skins
Pigface - Sick Asp Fuck (Full Gimball / No.1 Club Mix)
Left Spine Down - Side Effect
HEXADIODE = Synchrocidal (Protectorate Mix)
Mind Teardown - Wireframe Genocide
Finesse - Waiting Game (Visceral Anatomy Remix)
Physical Wash - Blind
Street Fever - Run*
Body of Light - Time To Kill
MLWTKK - Lucifer's Flowers
We Are Magonia - Crucified
The New Division - FADER
Iris - Lands of Fire (Mesh Pyromix)
Lights of Euphoria - Temple of Light
High-Functioning Flesh - Afterbirth Darkwraith Covenant Remix)
ESA - Like Meat (Spoiled)
Alter Der Ruine - Doom Patrol
Schwefelgelb - Im Dem Laken
Chrome Corpse - Corroded Sickness
Chrysalide - Apathy Is Killing Us
Leaetherstrip - I Will Never Hurt You Again
Angels on Acid - Satellite
Rational Youth - Pink Pills, Orange Pills
Dead When I Found Her - New Drugs
Berlin - With The Lights On