Mindjacket Monday! 5/4 DJ Industrialwave Live stream!

The Crystal Method - Broken Glass
Stromkern - Im Traum
Letharnoc - Fright
MORIS BLAK - Druglicker
2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ - Prophecy
f. Sasha Grey - That's The Way I Like It (Pig In The Disco Mix)
Mirwais - Disco Science
Heavy Water Factory - Idiot Proof
Cubanate - Build
Mlada Fronta - From Hell
Covenant - Bullet
Legend - City
Ritualz - Ember Paradise
Haujobb - The Noise Institute
bloody knives- Buried Alive (Acucrack Remix)
KANGA - Viciousness (Cyanotic Remix)
Maenad Veyl - Change Your Mind
Null Device - Run
Assemblage 23 - Helicopter Girl
Interface - Not With Me
XP8 + Seb Komor - Join In The Chant
Dj Mighty Mike Saga vs. M.Weir - Rise (Imperial Mix)
Cygnets - Icons (Strvngers Remix)
The Soft Moon - Burn (MORIS BLAK Revision)
THE .INVALID - Breaksequence
Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get vs. Tainted
Mekon - Saturday Night (f. Schooly D) (PIG Remix)
nTTx - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
Nature of Wires - Madame Serena
Alien#Six 13 - Highway To The Sun