09-05-13 (club 90)



The Future Sound Of London - We Have Explosive
Seal - Crazy
Killing Floor - Never Go Right
Girls Under Glass - Changes
Spahn Ranch - The Warmth Of Silence
Numb - Stalker
Front Line Assembly - Justify My Love
White Town - Your Woman (Dusty Tonez Remix)
Massive Attack - I Against I (f. Mos Def)
Mansun vs. 808 State - Skin Up Pin Up
Curve - Already Yours
Excessive Force - Conquer Your House II
Velvet Acid Christ vs. Funker Vogt - Futile (resisted)


Front Line Assembly - The Blade (Blindfold) [SO NICE WE PLAYED IT TWICE! :P]
Gravity Kills - Guilty (Juno Reactor Remix)
Lords Of Acid - Take Control
Biopsy - Hypervent
Killing Joke - Democracy (NIN Remix)
Cubanate - Joy
nine inch nails - last
Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade
Die Krupps - Metal Machine Music*
Numb - Wasted Sky
Foetus - Quick Fix (Charlie Clouser Remix)
Public Enemy & Anthrax - Bring The Noise


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